The “Heart Culture” of Veritas Birth

The “Heart Culture” of Veritas Birth

I’ve committed myself to love you and love your family. And love looks like honor to me. I’ve never been in the birthing “business”, never thought about this as a career, never put the politics of the birthing community over my commitment to serve and respect you.

For the past 10 years I’ve kept my head down and stayed out of the line of fire. Those of you who are connected to various social media groups know it can get rough out there! I didn’t think too much about it but when I went out to Sedona, Az. last January to the Indie Birth Midwifery Conference, I was nervous to be around other birth workers. But to my surprise, I was met with like-minded man (Dr. Stu) and women who also shared my not status quo thinking about birth and spared the vitriol. It brought me to tears, I didn’t realize all the pain I was carrying around inside my body.

I do not have the energy or the desire to argue or fight about what I absolutely know to be true. I always told my girls that they didn’t have to go around defending truth, truth just is! So finally I’m raising my head, using my voice, shining my light to bring more truth to the birth world.

We had a young woman who lived in our home for a couple of years and she wrote me this note, “You, your family, and your home have been a greenhouse to me, giving me amazing protection and safety and blessing that has enabled me to grow. It has changed my life forever. Everywhere I look here, there is an invitation to health and growth.” As I have been “pregnant” with Veritas Birth and now birthing it for the world to see, I can think of no better way to describe what I hope it can be for you and your family. I pray it is a “greenhouse” to you, a safe and warm place for you to grow strong in Truth.

Love Always, Melinda