Home Birth

Prenatal care is done in your home. Relationship building is top priority so I can best support your wishes and desires for your birth.

I have several birth pools that are available for you to use, you only have to buy a liner and supply the hose and fishnet.

I attend land births, water births, Bradley births, Hypnobirths, Lamaze, freestyle, no style...


If you don't want to home birth but would like wise woman support, we are offering that option as well. Email to get more info.

My husband and I have 3 children, our last being a home birth with Melinda. I can not say enough good things about her! After multiple interviews with midwives, Melinda clearly stood out above the rest! She has a caring and motherly spirit that made us feel so comfortable and at home with her. During labor she was very attentive and calmed any fears I had as a first time homebirth mom. Melinda was also great at my prenatal and postpartum visits including answering any questions I had, letting my older children help, laughing and letting me cry out my fears. If we decide to have any other children I will definitely be giving Melinda a call!
— Heather Bradds